Iman Farrar is a young Muslim artist, leader, and advocate 


Currently based in London, United Kingdom, Iman is a Muslim Artist/Singer/Songwriter.

Iman lived across five countries while growing up; including England, Malaysia, and Australia. This early exposure to different languages, cultures and religious traditions encouraged her to explore her talents and interests in the performing arts. 

Since 2009, she has been performing in Malay, English, and Arabic. Her notable performances include covers of Ya Tayba,’ ‘Rasulullah,’ ‘Raqqat Ayna,’ ‘Kasih Padamu, and ‘Dia Muhammad’ among others, with a combined viewing of over 20 million hits.

Iman is also the founder and CEO of KindNecessities. KindNecessities is a charity that works to better the lives of women both globally and locally. It challenges cultural taboos around female hygiene by providing education and advocating for the cultural awareness and acceptance of women’s circumstances. KindNecessities also actively provides refugee women with feminine hygiene necessities.

Recently, Iman joined Project Dastaan as their Innovations Lead. Project Dastaan uses virtual reality (VR) technology and 360 video to enable Partition Witnesses to relive their childhood memories prior to the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. Working to bring these memories to life, the Project seeks to educate, innovate and create the biggest impact possible using cutting-edge technology.

In 2016, she undertook a placement under the United Nations Relief and Work Agency in Al-Baqa’a refugee camp in Jordan. She lived alongside Palestinian refugees and volunteered at the local Women’s Centre while conducting research for the establishment of KindNecessities

Iman continues to serve the local and international community with a vision to help empower disadvantaged people, women, and young people globally.