Bringing Barakah through Nasheed


Since 2009, Iman was involved with the Muslim kids chanting group, after which she was invited to perform at the inaugural Sydney Multicultural Mawlid Concert. She has continued performing there annually since 2010. 

Her notable performances include covers of ‘Ya Tayba’, ‘Rasulullah’, ‘Raqqat Ayna’, ‘Kasih Padamu’ and most recently, 'Dia Muhammad’. 

In response to the harsh political climate for Muslims in the West, and the rise of extremism especially among disenfranchised youth, Iman and a few of her peers collaborated to compose ‘Never in Our Name’, which was performed at the concert in 2015.

Iman is intrigued by traditional sounds from various cultures that have shaped her multifaceted cultural identity. These distinct influences are reflected in her music.

To Iman, performing has never been about hitting the high notes or being the best singer, but about the purity and sincerity of intention. "Our intentions guide our actions, and nasheeds bring barakah for everyone; from those who produce and perform, to those who listen." 

Iman's performances have garnered over 20 million views combined. She has over 100,000 likes on Facebook and a following of over 30,000 on Instagram.